Multi-Year Funding

Our multi-year funding organizations receive a total of $1.82 million in general operating funding for three years rather than one year, freeing up these grantees to focus more energy on their missions rather than applying for grants from us. While this signifies our financial commitment to these organizations, it’s also a multi-year commitment on their behalf to continue to grow and develop through capacity building. Here are their stories.

Boys and Girls Club Family, Inc. Heartland Family Service Immigrant Legal Center Lutheran Family Services Micah House
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“Our partner organizations' goals include assisting individuals, families, and communities that are vulnerable due to poverty, discrimination, and educational challenges. The Iowa West Foundation vision and mission seek to create opportunities with our nonprofit community partners in order to respond to these difficult challenges.

With diverse support from the IWF, including financial assistance, we help to create healthy, strong and compassionate communities. When those strategic initiatives are successful, then the Iowa West Foundation staff and board have met their commitments to our communities.”

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Theresa Barron-McKeagney
Iowa West Foundation Board Member & Liaison to Healthy Families Advisory Committee

Boys and Girls Club

After school activities can sometimes make or break a child’s future. Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands, and the Council Bluffs Club specifically, is a place that inspires at-risk youth to discover their potential. The programming is a proven difference maker that we are proud to support long-term.

“Our Council Bluffs youth programs would not be available without this support.”
-Ivan Gilreath, President & CEO

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For low-income families, the challenges are endless. Room and board take priority over board books. Real life transportation problems mean a lack of funds for toy cars and trucks. Language barriers make it hard to communicate with health care carriers. With IWF's continuous support FAMILY Inc. provides underserved families with the resources they need for their children to be healthy, safe and ready for school. Most importantly, staff empowers parents to be their child's first teacher.

“It is an honor to be a multi-year funded organization through Iowa West Foundation. This sends a clear message to our community that we make children and families a priority and want to ensure they have the resources needed for a successful future.”
-Kimberly Kolakowski, Executive Director

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Heartland Family Service

A way out. Funding to Heartland Family Service supports programs that keep individuals in treatment, off the streets, and on the path to a better life. With our ongoing backing, safe spaces to recover and rebuild are possible for more of our fellow community members.

“Multi-Year funding has been and will continue to be an important factor in increasing our impact.”
-John Jeanetta, President &CEO

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Immigrant Legal Center

Immigrants and their families need support in times of uncertainty. Because of the stability of multi-year funding, the Immigrant Legal Center (formerly Justice For Our Neighbors) has been able to respond to immigrants' legal needs when they have nowhere else to turn.

“Our newest donors tell us they were indeed influenced by the Foundation’s confidence in our work.”
-Emiliano Lerda, Executive Director

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Lutheran Family Services

Abuse and neglect of a child is something none of us want to think about. But unfortunately, it still happens right here in our community. Multi-year funding has allowed Lutheran Family Services to offer not only treatment to the victims, but also hope.

IWF’s multi-year program grant has positively impacted the Pottawattamie County community. 96% of parents served through the grant report increased confidence in their parenting skills. 88% of children experienced reduced trauma symptoms. These results translate to happier, healthier childhoods and a greater likelihood of success in adulthood for Pottawattamie County residents.
-Stacy Martin, President & CEO

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Micah House

Homelessness is a rock bottom most of us will never know. Because MICAH House is here to support families in their time of need, many are able to find a way out of the cycle. With the knowledge of ongoing operating support, leadership can focus on the Buddy Program that gives kids an outlet to be kids and Transformational Thursdays for adults in residence, programming that is truly life-altering.

“Multi-Year Funding has allowed me to spend more time working on program, staff, and board development opportunities.”
-Jaymes Sime, Executive Director

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