Outcome One: Education

Their future is now

We're more intentional than ever about how we prepare the next generation for prosperity right here at home. Building on the success of Foundation-supported programs spanning from early childhood education to college access, tomorrow's education-focused initiatives connect innovative and proven educational opportunities into multiple daily touchpoints.

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“We are very excited to be able to offer such a life-changing opportunity for our Tri-Center families with the Pottawattamie Promise scholarship. The support, both financial and personal, affords qualifying students the opportunity to earn a degree, license or certificate, which is a priceless investment in their futures.”

Dr. Angie Huseman
Superintendent of Tri-Center School District

Raise Me to Read

Being read to from birth can route a path to Kindergarten readiness. Kindergarten readiness can determine reading ability in third grade. Third-grade reading ability can predict high school graduation rate. In Pottawattamie County, one out of three students can’t read proficiently. This initiative emphasizes the importance of early literacy through free book distribution, story walks and the promotion of attendance and summer learning opportunities.

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International Baccalaureate Middle Schools

Why? How? This inquiry-based style of learning is all about questioning and understanding the way the world works. After launching with the help of Iowa West Foundation funding at College View and Carter Lake elementary schools, now the initiative is expanding into Council Bluffs Community School Districts’ Middle Schools: Wilson and Kirn. Students are encouraged to keep an open mind, take risks, and express their ideas.

Pottawattamie Promise

Pottawattamie Promise is more than just a scholarship. This initiative funds full tuition for students who qualify from FIVE Pottawattamie County high schools on their quest for a better life. Support starts in high school and continues with counseling at Iowa Western Community College. From there, a diploma, credential or certificate helps lead to a living wage in a fulfilling career.

Scholars Video


This scholarship program administered by the Community Education Foundation is designed to assist parents in accessing post-secondary education. Today, more than 200 Pottawattamie County residents have received an Associate’s and/or a Bachelor’s degree as a result of the STARS program.